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Crochet is not just for grandmas! Crochet exercises all parts of STEAM in a most practical hands-on way. It requires and allows for planning hypothesis testing reevaluating revising testing and execution.
Various fibers used in different yarns react differently to wear and washing as well as burn risk. Science is always involved in the production and dying of the fibers as well. Yarns are being made from ever newer fibers such as milk or plant fibers. Different breeds of sheep rabbits and other animals and plants produce yarn with different characteristics.
An abundance of free patterns are offered online. Many support groups and design programs exist through technology platforms.
The lay of the fabric and the fit of the item created involve engineering principles to join pieces to create the look and feel intended by the designer.
Crochet involves choices of fibers colors shapes needle and yarn size sizing embellishments and so much more.
Designing and execution involve a great deal of math: determining yardage used in stitches how many stitches per inch needle size in production of stitches per inch yarn size in production of stitches per inch nature of fabric determined by needle and yarn size and measurements needed for a project. Yarn can be measured by yardage weight or length.

Learn the basic crochet stitches and how to read a simple pattern to create squares for a pillow top or mat tote sunglass or phone case. Acquire this lifelong skill to create original projects fabricate useful items and fashion unique gifts. Enjoy crocheting as a relaxing and creative pastime. All supplies are included.
Typically Offered: Offered summer only.
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STEAM Craft: Hooked on Crochet! (Grades 6-8)
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Jul 08, 2024 to Jul 11, 2024
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  • Janette Theodore
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