The mission of the LCRC is to introduce 7th-12th grade students to engineering, robotics and computer science using an affordable and accessible robotics competition. The LCRC is organized through a joint effort by the College of Lake County Transfer Engineering Department and Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim. We want students to have the opportunity to experience STEM education in a fun, competitive, critical thinking manner.

Why participate in this competition?

Typically it costs between $5,000-$10,000 for one team to compete in a robotics competition. Many students do not get the opportunity to participate because of the high cost and time commitment. Some prospective participants also lack help and guidance needed to get up and running. The Lake County Robotics Competition aims to change that! With free loaner kits available, the startup cost for a team to compete is minimal. We also provide guidance from CLC Engineering students during Saturday build days at the Baxter Innovation Lab on CLC's Grayslake Campus.

How to Participate

  • Participants may be teams or individuals. 
  • Individuals who are not part of a team can sign up by enrolling in the class for free. Call (847) 543-2980 or email cpeinfo@clcillinois.edu for assistance.
  • Teams interested in participating can contact Rob Twardock at rtwardock@clcillinois.edu to register. 
  • Participants  in the Engage class will be provided with a kit to use as part of a team project. 
  • Mentors are needed to help teams with technical questions. Prospective mentors can apply to be Baxter Innovation Lab volunteers.
  • Contacting CLC Faculty Rob Twardock at rtwardock@clcillinois.edu with questions.



  • What is the LCRC? The Lake County Robotics Competition is envisioned as a low cost, low barriers introduction to robotics using a competition framework. It is an alternative to the more formal competitions such as Vex or First Robotics. LCRC is a logical next step to students aging out of the 4H Robotics Showcase, but open to 7th thru 12th grade students brand new to robotics.
  • What Kind of Robot is Used? The competition is platform neutral – allowing any platform of robotics kit to be used, including Tetrix, Vex, or others.
  • What are the Competition Rules? LCRC rules are a trimmed down version of a typical FTC competition, such as placing ping pong balls in waste basket at the perimeter of a small field made from 2"x4"s. An autonomous mode requiring programming is incorporated as an optional element. The field is made of inexpensive, easily assembled parts.
  • What is the Commitment? Participants should commit to building and programming their robot over the course of the school year. The number of hours required depends on the skill level, but a minimum of 30 hours would be expected.
  • What Resources are Available? CLC Engineering students and interns are available to help participants design and build their robots. CLC owns 35 Tetrix kits that can be loaned out free to schools in need of a kit. Kits will be loaned out on a yearly basis. Participants will be approved for free kits based on need and availability of kits. Saturday build days will be held, in conjunction with the Explore classes, to help teams with their builds.