The Personal Success Program (PSP) provides vocational skills training to students challenged with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. PSP opens the door to students who may not otherwise enter post-secondary education. The purpose is to introduce basic skills and concepts for a variety of professions, while also providing opportunities to experience college life.

Requirements for acceptance into the program:

  • Students should contact the PSP Program Coordinator by e-mail or phone at or (847) 543-2990 to set up an initial interview.
  • Students should provide the Program Coordinator with documentation of disability and reading level. At least a 3rd grade reading level is required for success in the program.
  • Students will be asked to sign a behavior agreement in line with College of Lake County’s student code of conduct.


Instructors experienced in the subject area team teach with a special education instructor. The curriculum is appropriate to the learning level of the student and delivered at a slower pace.

All classes are not offered every semester.